In the past six months the frequency at which I am visiting airports and boarding planes has increased greatly. I nearly have the whole process sorted though, with my digital check-ins, bluetooth headphones and my travel size can of deodorant. 

Recently I arrived at an airport, sailed through the security check and began to make my way to the gate with my digital boarding pass loaded. A quick flight status check as I cruised past the screen alerted me to the words CANCELLED. 

Engineering issues had taken the plane out of action and had the entire flight lined up at the service desk. My confident process meant I was one of the last to get the memo and subsequently found myself at the end of a very long line. 

It is not the first time I have found myself in this kind of situation. Actually it is quite common to be in a position where actions well outside of our control have an impact on our current situation. 

An hour into the process of our entire flight being rebooked, the full gamet of emotions and behaviours had been displayed. Frustration that resulted in rudeness, cussing, literal finger pointing and behaviour that is even unacceptable within the context of a pre-school. (No, not from me!)

Even after all the outbursts we still slowly progressed to the front of the line without any change. 

I’ve realised (by learning the hard way) that there are many situations in life I have no control over. Although they may affect me, all that I can control is how I respond to them. 

I still made it home. It took longer and required an extra flight but I got there in the end. 

On top of that I had a great day. Found some extra time to catch up on some work, had an awesome dumpling soup for lunch and read a book. There’s always a silver lining if we are looking for it. 

PS. On another note, politeness always trumps rudeness. My seats with extra leg room, meal voucher and a change in destination to get me closer to home prove that to be the case. Be kind. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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