Our Rooms

Unexpected Exit currently has three different rooms for you to choose from, scroll down to find out more about each. If you still can’t decide, we normally would recommend Deranged Scientists room for first timers, then if you enjoy that, you always have the option to come back another day and try Blast Radius or the Terror Cell.

The minds behind Unexpected Exit Newcastle have never been to an escape room in Australia, therefore our concepts are a little different. Some of our customers have however been to others here and have said ours is harder, which is a good thing in our opinion, if you gain freedom from our rooms you have earned it!

What our rooms are not, are follow the bouncing ball type rooms where there is one clue that leads to the next so 10 people are standing there doing nothing while one person completes a puzzle before moving on to the next one although some clues are dependent on others. There are clues, hidden compartments and keys throughout the rooms so you are never idle.

The Deranged Scientist

Professor Skoda has finally been captured, Professor Skoda the mad genius behind the deadly outbreak of virus X, a virus that as you know has in just under 100 days claimed millions of lives across the globe, with a cure still yet to be found.
With the location of the Professors lab now known, your team has been selected to search the professors lab in order to find the antidote.
You and your team arrive at the location and enter the dimly lit room but as soon as you enter the room the door closes and locks, the same time a cloud of gas fills the air ….You notice a note on the ground …..

The note reads “enjoy your last 50 min on earth”…………

Initially we said four players max, after having our first teams through, we have changed this number to 10.
This room has lots of lateral thinking exercises along with the odd hidden key thrown in, good powers of observation are a must for this room!!

The Terror Cell

You and your team has been sent out to a suspected Extremists cell inside an abandoned building in the Newcastle CBD your team has been tasked to gather enough evidence to make an arrest and stop the terror cells progress on Australian soil.

On entry to the building your team was captured you were knocked out. You wake up on the floor of a room it is dark and there is a sack over your head and you realize your hands are hand cuffed……and so the fun begins….

This is a hard room!!! it is also a fun room where no paying team has yet to make it out…. some very close but were killed before they could escape.

This is not the room for those who are afraid of the dark as everything is hard earned including the keys to the lights…. plenty of keys hidden, plus cool visual props and surprises to make your heart skip a beat!!!

Blast Radius

Zamorians have held you and your friends captive for 27 days, a special operations group is storming the building. You have managed to escape the room where you were being held and have gone in search of the rest of your friends.

The last terrorist activated something that started a timer and sealed the doors before taking his own life.

This room is just a little bit harder than the Deranged Scientists room. It can also be played in a way that makes it just as hard as the Deranged Scientists Room; meaning if you have a larger group we can put one team in the

Deranged Scientists Room and one in the Blast radius room, start the timers at the same time and see which team makes it out first.