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23/09/19 Psalm 23:3

He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honour to his name.

Every morning (well not EVERY morning) I start my day by dragging my half-awake self into my garage to do a couple of kilometres on the rowing machine. For a long time I had great intentions to get up early each day and go for a run, however there were always so many obstacles and variables.

What if the weather was rough? What path would I run? What if I twisted my ankle along the way.

These questions along with all the others that would pop into my head generally resulted in my hitting the snooze button and rolling over. Until I invested in a rowing machine.

Headphones on, feet strapped in and just row. I don’t need to think about the direction, the weather or any other variable that might cross my path.

When Psalm 23:3 appeared as the verse of the day for me, this is what I instantly thought of. How great it is in life when I trust that God is guiding me along right paths. Just sit down, strap in and row.

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