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27/09/19 Romans 8:6

So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control you mind leads to life and peace.

I have been living in a different city for the past 9 months and finally at the point I can navigate my way around without the help of my iPhone. However it is still so easy just to pop an address into the map, follow the guide and drive on autopilot towards my destination.

To find my way there without the use of a guide requires me to think, plan and be intentional.

This passage reminded me of that scenario. Without letting the Spirit guide our lives we really just operate on autopilot – which I have always thought the default is our sinful nature.

But I am challenged by the choice this scripture highlights to me today – I can either let the sinful nature guide me, or let the Spirit. It isn’t by default, it is by choice.

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